Welcome to NI Civil Service Hockey Club! You don’t need to be in the civil service to play, we’re open to all!

Junior Boys Hockey

Welcome to the heart of our Junior Boys Section, where a love for hockey transforms into skills for life. Our club is dedicated to providing boys with a platform to explore their potential, make memories, and develop into well-rounded individuals both on and off the pitch.

Led by experienced coaches who are committed to nurturing young talent, our Junior Boys Section offers a comprehensive program that emphasises skill development, tactical understanding, and the importance of teamwork. Beyond honing their hockey prowess.

Whether your child is new to hockey or has already started their journey, our club offers a range of training options tailored to different age groups and skill levels.

Junior boys hockey starts from P3

If you are interested in joining, please email info@nickshockeyclub.co.uk or fill in the form below

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